Some books beg to be read twice. Once to get the gist of it. Twice so one can  savour all the good parts. I’m reading a book like that now. Are you?


August is almost upon us

Canola_fieldWell, it’s a little cooler in the mornings here in Southern Alberta, canola fields are in full bloom, and my heart and mind are already turning towards heading back to school.  I’m curious about what the kids have been reading over the summer and looking forward to getting into some bookstores soon to find them some new treasures.

Why I love Scholastic Book Fairs

MBF_Logo_FrightfullyI am really happy to host Scholastic Book Fairs in our school because it brings a book store right into our little school in our little community in rural Alberta, Canada!  The kids have so much fun exploring new books, sharing them with their friends and family and then of course, being able to bring them home for keeps!  Well-stocked home libraries are one of the best ways to encourage literacy in families and Scholastic Book Fairs in our school, help to create those libraries.  We host a fall and a spring sale for the kids and they are a real highlight of the school year.  Here’s to reading!

Children need to move……maker spaces can help

Maker spaces Anybody that works with children knows that they need to move – allowing them time, during the course of their Learning Commons (Library) time with me can help. I love the enthusiasm show and level of personal and team accomplishment they feel when they have created something totally on their own – no adults involved!   Maker spaces 2

Bing might be best


For researching school projects I am becoming increasingly impressed with the search engine Bing. Great for finding public domain images and videos and the ‘strict’ searching option provides helpful safeguard for kids.


Great job kids!

Athen's Book Picks!

Today I have a special review on the blog! I have some friends contributing to this review for a book we all read together!


TatTAUTHOR: Mary Pope Osborne

Series: Magic Treehouse

Book #: 19

About the book: Two young people, Jack and Annie, go to Dinoworld. They were trying to find a way to remove a spell from their friend Teddy. Teddy had a spell put on him in one of the previous books that had turned him into a dog. On their journey, they meet people from history, a dinosaur, and find a mysterious medallion.

Jack, Annie, and Teddy return to their tree house from Dinoworld and find a message that tells them to follow clues and collect gifts along the way. The gifts will help them undo the spell on Teddy. The gifts can be anywhere! One place the clues send them to is…

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Kids’ recommendations are the best recommendations

This morning Ava said – Mrs. Jantzen – I am reading Raining Cupcakes – it’s really good – I’m almost finished – we should buy it for our School Learning Commons (a.k.a Library).  I’m on it!  It’s bought and on it’s way.  Kid’s book recommendations are the best recommendations – if they like it – for sure they will have some friends who like it too!

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