Big fun with a big box


Thanks to the Cayley Store we had some big fun today with a big box in our Learning Commons.  Let’s hear it for creativity and artistic expression and Maker Space learning!   Awesome to see what the kids do when they have a big space to express their own wonderful ideas!



Birch Trees in Winter

Birch Trees in Winter

A stunning art project by the Grade 3/4 class at Cayley School. Well done kids!


A Crazy Creation!

A Crazy Creation!

Kid’s love to build and create and a school library is the perfect place for that kind of free expression.

How fun to travel in this cool mobile!


Crazy Creations Wall of Fame

We recently added Lego, Gear and Flexi blocks to the smorgasboard of things to do in the Library and boy are we having a LOT of fun.  One problem though – the kids were loathe to take apart their creations once they were finished and took to hiding them behind the books and in and amongst the plants so that they could be preserved!  Hence – the Crazy Creations Wall of Fame was created.  Now…whenever a creative kid makes something wonderful, we take a photo of it (and hopefully them too if they’ll let me) and post it on our Crazy Creations Wall of Fame.  If today’s traffic at that bulletin board is any indication – it’s a hit!  They are being inspired by each other’s great work and love having their masterpieces displayed for all to see!