Stacks of books

5230098773_babc34eb95_o (1).jpgA great way to start the holidays is to arm you and your family with stacks and stacks of books from your local library.  So let’s snuggle in with a good book or ten this vacation and read read read!


Big fun with a big box


Thanks to the Cayley Store we had some big fun today with a big box in our Learning Commons.  Let’s hear it for creativity and artistic expression and Maker Space learning!   Awesome to see what the kids do when they have a big space to express their own wonderful ideas!



DSC_0003 (2)

It’s important to give kids choice and I am always happy to take student requests regarding what books they want in our Library.  If they get to pick them they will surely read them!

It was a little thing….but it helped

When the 2013 flood devastated the town of High River, I,  some of my colleagues and many of our students were affected.  The Clothesline project was a little thing, a simple thing…..but it helped. Recovery, healing and restoration is all about taking thousands of little steps.  This is one of them.  Enjoy!   Literacy for Life – Clothesline Project