Learning Commons means….

Learning Commons

The cool thing about embracing the Learning Commons philosophy in a  school is that that means  learning  can take place anywhere. So, when classes are in, hallways are excellent places to do individual work with kids (or pink ponies:) as the case may be. 




Birch Trees in Winter

Birch Trees in Winter

A stunning art project by the Grade 3/4 class at Cayley School. Well done kids!



ImageLots of fun this morning introducing Fairytales to the Kindergarten class.  These Usborne versions are perfect for this age group, endearing illustrations, snippets of humor and great for reading aloud.

If you are home sick

A_Sick_Day_for_Amos_McGeeIf you are home sick – like I am today – the best possible way to recuperate is to nestle in with a good book —  read one yesterday – will read another today – rejuvenates your mind, body and spirit (and is SO much gentler than tv!)