Getting along

This week we are reading these two great books all about getting along…..according to my five and six year old boys the best way to ‘get along’ is to ‘show them your muscles!’….and so….I guess we’ll continue to work on learning on how ‘get along!’ ­čÖé
Miss Lina's Ballerinas



That is NOT a good idea!

Great new book by Mo Willems – Grade One class loved this today!


Raising Readers

Great thoughts on reading with your kids!

The Day the Crayons Quit

The Day the Crayons Quit

GREAT book. Love the persuasive letter writing by each of the crayons as they announce to poor Duncan why they are quitting. Oliver Jeffers (Stuck, This Moose Belongs to Me) drawings are a delight. We had so much fun making our own – ┬ábona fide – ┬ámade with old fashioned crayons – drawings!




First day of school – looking forward to encouraging some great reader/leaders this year!