Some habits are good habits…..

For the love of reading.....



Wringing out Water on the International Space Station

Very cool science experiment with Col. Chris Hadfield on the ISS



WeedingSo boring….but so necessary. We’ve been spending a bit of time weeding our resources lately, SO boring – tedious really.  but so necessary!  There’s no other way to keep your house, garden, mind, school library, closets, garage,  free of the archaic and obsolete, sure to cause an asthma attack – just let it go already – old things – so go ahead – do some spring cleaning….out with the old….in with the new….you’ll be glad you did!

It’s Pays to Shop Local

Found these two great book series at our fabulous local book and gift store!  Pixie Hollow!!   Who better to find books that will appeal to the kids in your particular locale than your local book seller! Awesome vocabulary, engaging illustrations, these fun and frolicsome books are winners.  Cocoa and Mercy are characters I can get behind!

Mercy Watson  Princess in DisguiseCowgirl Kate