New copies of old favorites

Little house on the prairie series

It’s good to know your clientele and I just know the kids in our school are going to love having new copies of this classic book series with its stories of courage and adventure and perseverance and love and resilience and  because all the tales are set in the heart of  prairie and  forest and small town landscapes – it’s a natural choice for kids in the Foothills of Southern Alberta!    I can’t wait to reintroduce these wonderful books to a new generation of readers!


Settling Down

2013-03-13 13.54.05One of the hardest parts of reading or getting down to homework is the ‘settling down’ part. Some kids find it so easy to find that settled place….some kids….not so much. That’s where we come in – we can help kids find the place and space (internally and externally) so that they can settle down begin to the enjoy the benefits of prolonged stretches of reading and/or productive work. It’s one of the challenges in creating a Learning Commons that is productive for all – creating a place and space that suits the needs of all our students. So, with headphones or lying on their backs with their feet on the wall or snuggled into a nest of pillows or at table or in the hallway with an iPad – it really doesn’t matter – because if it works for them, they can work!

Kids pick the best books

Melvin Beederman

Zachary’s suggestion

I regularly have kids make our collection development decisions because they pick the best books. Hat’s off to Zachary and Rorie this week who suggested two awesome book series to add to our Learning Commons (Library). It’s so fun to hear their great ideas and then right then and there, with them standing  beside me, go online and order the books! Most often, by the next week the books have arrived, are cataloged and ready to be read read read. A kid’s endorsement is worth about 100 (or more) of mine, so let students lead the way in your collection development – they pick winners!  All these ones are already signed out and are getting more great reviews!

Rories' choice!

Rories’ choice!


Rocket learns to readHow Rocket Learned to Read and Rocket Writes a Story found their way on to our shelves today. These delightful picture books capture wonderfully the process and challenges of learning to read and write. Tad Hills is awesome!  Check out the app!

      How Rocket Learned to Read

                        Rocket writes a story