Good noise

Good noiseIs there such a think as good noise in a Library/Learning Commons?

I think so….it’s the noise of kids actively engaged in work with each other.

That’s the kind of noise I love!


Reading lets kid’s try things on for size…..


One of my favorite things about watching children interact with books is seeing what it does for their imaginations.  Books give children the freedom to try things on….they can be a dinosaur hunter, an astronaut, an alien, a dancer, own a horse or a cat or a dog or a bunny, race cars, drive big trucks and it all can and does happen through that wonderful vehicle called imagination.  Great books give imaginations wings.

Let’s fly someplace fabulous and be something wonderful today!

Reading at home!!

Benjamin is a GREAT reader! So excited to get these pictures of Benjamin reading at home. Great readers raise great readers. Encourage your kids to make reading at home a regular part of their day. It’s a great way to relax and learn and grow!!

743 Hiking boots and counting!

743 Hiking boots and counting!

743 Boots means 29720 minutes of fantastic reading for our Cayley School Community! SO FUN!!