Family Literacy Day

ImageImageImageThis past Friday was Family Literacy Day and there is no better way to encourage literacy in kids that to read with them.  Hats off to these families who submitted photos of their reading adventures with their kids!


These Boots Were Made For Reading

These boots were made for reading.......

These boots were made for reading…….

When they said

Book Clubs - because together is better!

When they said: “Mrs. Jantzen, we’d like to make a book club.” I said: Yes!!….can I join?!” and today at lunch we had a lovely time reading “Once Upon a Marigold” and talking about this wonderful book and eating smarties and it was fun!

Reading – a great way to re-create!

An awesome way to re-create!

Better yet….share the journey with a friend!

Reading (besides being an awesome way to learn) is a great form of re-creation! Take time out today – to nestle into a good book – even if it’s just for a few minutes….escape….go someplace new….meet some new characters…..go on an adventure….dream. You’ll be glad you did!

Read Around the World Challenge

readaroundtheworldchallengeWell – It’s about 40,000 km around this old globe of ours and I sure would like to see if we can read our way around it!  Every 40 minutes of reading buys you a stamp on your Read Around the World Challenge passport, a globe trotting foot to display in our school and a prize.  Contest runs from January 14 – February 14 and will culminate in a fabulous prize give away.  See Mrs. Jantzen on Monday for details on how to begin your reading adventure!