Give them something to get excited about.


Kids love contests!  This week we had some great entries in our Scholastic All Star Book Fair Crazy Caps Contest. The kids had fun making them, I had fun wearing them and it was all in an effort to promote literacy and the love of good literature in our school community.  “Events” do that…so go ahead and do the work to prepare and plan and put them on.  Kids love them and anything that gets them excited about reading makes me one happy gal!


Never never land

Never never land

Take a trip with a great book this holiday weekend!

Why Read? Why not just movies, or gaming, or tv or or or. Why read? Well….because….reading enables you the reader to embark on a shared journey, a wonderful journey where the author provides the road map (and in the wonderful world of kid’s lit….and illustrator of extraordinary talent will give you some of the pictures too) and you the reader get to add your own unique to you imagination and store of memories to make journey rich and wonderful and uniquely personal. So during this long and wonderful holiday weekend….grab a book and take a memorable journey!


Just bought these…again…..(the old ones wore out long ago) for our library!

tin-can stilts

A friend recently told me that she went to a bookstore looking for something new to read to her daughter. The bookseller made some age-appropriate suggestions, like –(and I know I write this a lot—it’s an epidemic)—Rainbow Fairies. My friend was not so impressed and pushed back. How about The Boxcar Children?  She wondered out loud.

The bookseller shook her head no. “Those kids have no parents.”

Though I was the very person who made this recommendation to my friend, I tried not to take personal offense to this reaction. Why did I think this book was okay and this trustworthy bookseller did not? Was it my own nostalgia for The Boxcar Children? Definitely. But it was something else, too. Yes these kids have no parents and yes that is disturbing and complicated…to us, the parents. It isn’t all that disturbing to kids. And I think I know why.


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